Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Still not giving in.  I have been running off and on.  I use to run all the time a few years back and since I have moved back east, i have slacked off and stopped running.
At any rate, I am training myself all over again and it sucks-it hurts and I can't go that far and my pace sucks.  Yes I know there is a lot of negativity in what I am saying, but it is hard work.
I am on a program to run 5K its going to be a good few weeks, but I am ready.  I have not given up on p90x, I think I am not quite ready yet and I will get back to that -
So tomorrow, I have two miles scheduled (maybe I will do more).  I guess it won't be outside since it is going to be MISERABLE, i am going to hit the treadmill and go for a run and get back and do some abs.
At any rate, that is all for the night-


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